Having an annual boiler service helps to ensure your central heating system is running effectively and efficiently.

A boiler service will also help in identifying any potential problems that could result in costly repairs in the future and will also help to prolong the life of your boiler and central heating system.

It’s also worth remembering that ensuring your boiler is serviced regularly is also necessary to validate the manufacturer’s warranty.

When we service your boiler we will carry out the following work;

We will inspect your boiler and its controls to make sure they are working properly.

We will check for leaks and corrosion that could affect its efficiency.

We will use a flue gas analyser to check for any hazardous gas emissions.

We’ll clean the filters and when present the magnaclean to ensure nothing is getting into the system to cause any damage.

And finally we’ll complete your warranty documents for you to cover you against any problems in the future.

Our full boiler service costs just £75 +VAT.

To book your service call us on 01708 440444